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When the World Rally Championship rolls into town, it sets up multiple routes in the local area. These can vary anywhere from 3km to 35km in length, and each car will take on each route at least twice in different 'stages'. A stage is a single against the clock time trial which every team runs throughout the weekend.

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The World Rally Championship (abbreviated as WRC) is an international rallying series owned and governed by the FIA.Inaugurated in 1973, it is the second oldest of the FIA's world championships after Formula One.Each season, which lasts one calendar year, separate championship titles are awarded to drivers, co-drivers and manufacturers.There are also two support championships, WRC2 and WRC3.

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And it is seriously addictive. "Road rallies are the purest form of rallying with just driver, navigator and car against the route," says long-time competitor and organiser, and member of Motorsport UK's Rallies and Historics committees, Matt Fowle. "Road rallying has its roots in the 1950s, and has evolved so there is something for.

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What is a Rally? Rally racing is one of the purest and oldest forms of motorsport and is held on public or private roads instead of on dedicated race tracks. It's distinguishable from other.

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Carrying highway speeds over bumpy gravel roads will destroy a normal car. Here's how rally teams modify their cars to stand up to the abuse. By Brian Silvestro Published: Aug 23, 2017 Chris.

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Rally is a kind of motorsport, yet the competitors will not be racing against each other. Instead, a driver and co-driver, also called a navigator, race down closed road sections as fast as they can. The sections for rally racing are usually 5 to 20 miles distance and called Special Stages.

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Most local motor clubs run what is known as a '12 Car' event, which is ideal for starting out in any kind of rallying - this is limited to 12 cars and just about any car can take part. You do not need special equipment to take part in road events, just the relevant map, a map magnifying glass and map light. How do I start?

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List of rally cars Early era BMW 328 BMW 700 Ford Cortina MK1 Ford Falcon Ford Fairlane Ford Mustang Ford Starliner Jaguar MkII Jaguar XK120 Jaguar E-Type Lancia Fulvia Mini Cooper Mini Cooper S Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR Renault 8 Gordini Renault Dauphine Škoda MB 1100 Škoda Octavia TS Mercedes-Benz W111 Renault 4 Triumph Vitesse Triumph TR4

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rally, automobile competition over a specified public route with a driver and navigator attempting to keep to a predetermined schedule between checkpoints. The course is generally unknown to contestants until the start of the rally. Such competition began in 1907 with a Beijing-to-Paris event of about 12,000 km (7,500 miles).

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Road rallies are the original form held on highways open to public traffic. In its annually published International Sporting Code, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) includes the following definition of rally: Rally: Road Competition with an imposed average speed run entirely or partly on roads open to normal traffic.

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The team conducted a full rally simulation of its prototype car in Italy before launching the final iteration of its challenger. PRIME: Why the WRC's 'modern Group B' era was rallying at its.

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FIA World Rally Championship official website. Keep up-to-date with the latest news, rally results, WRC standings, calendar updates, video highlights and schedules from every rally. Watch the WRC live and On Demand with Rally.TV FIA World Rally Championship official website.

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Agreeing to do a regularity rally for the first time is a task which doesn't seem remotely daunting until the last possible moment. Working for Hagerty means that opportunities like this arise occasionally, but I couldn't help feeling stitched up after I had lowered myself into my too-small bucket seat, ensured I had all the necessary instructions within arms reach, and (ironically) failed.

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The Greatest Rally Cars Ever Made Share We Pick Our Favorites. Ranking the 20 Best Rally Cars Ever Created Whether an avid fan of it or not, I think most automotive racing followers will agree that rally racing demands a unique set of skills and a special mindset from its participants.

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The 1973 Lancia Stratos was one of the greatest and most iconic rally cars in history. This Italian beauty featured a 2.4-liter inline 4 engine that pushed 265 horsepower and 203 lb-ft of torque to its rear-wheel-drive drivetrain. The Lancia Stratos dominated the World Rally Championship from 1974 to 1976, beating the Quattros to Audi's surprise.

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Here we present an article detailing the different classes in rally cars and shed light on the phrases frequently used in rally car adverts. Guide to Rally Car Classes WRC In circulation from 1997 onwards, a WRC is typically a 2000cc, turbo charged 4WD car based on an existing production car shell/silhouette. However, that's where the similarity pretty much ends.