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Fangio, who had grown up racing in similar cross-country slogs in his native Argentina, remains the only Formula One world champion to claim victory in the Carrera Panamericana, winning the.

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One day race » Panama City › Panama City (204.8km) Pier-André Coté is the winner of Continental Pan-Am Championships - Road Race 2023, before German Nicolás Tivani and Charles-Étienne Chrétien.

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The original Pan-Am race was sponsored in 1950 by the Mexican government to inform the world that Mexico had a new system of roads, the Pan-American Highways, stretching across the country--from north to south--for commerce and tourism. When the five-day race was canceled in 1955, its purpose had been accomplished.

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Published Sep 13, 2022 The Carrera Panamericana is a week-long 2000-mile dash across Mexico that pushes man and machine to the absolute limit La Carrera Panamericana is one of the last surviving.

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1. You can purchase a car that has run the Pan Am recently. It probably has the proper roll cage, safety equipment,, etc., and may just need tuning. (See the Classified Ads on this web site.) 2. Prepare one yourself. You'll need nine months, at least. Do not wait to get started.

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The official U.S. site of the Carrera Panamericana is designed to give potential Carrera Panamericana participants all of the information needed to compete in the race, including travel info, FAQ, and the entry process.

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After the Mexican section of the Panamerican Highway was completed in 1950, a nine-stage, six-day race across the country was organized by the Mexican government to advertise this feat and to attract international business into Mexico. The race ran almost entirely along the new highway, which crossed the country from north to south for a total.


La Carrera Panamericana is a historic race across Mexico open to all manner of sports and GT cars. It runs this year from October 14-20. There are timed stages run at full speed on great roads,.

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Envisioned as a way to publicize the freshly finished near-2,200-mile north-south Mexican segment of the Pan-American Highway, the stage race was funded by the Mexican government as a way of.

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PanAmerican SuperBike Championship Season Schedule. 2023. Race Track. City & State. February 4-5. Homestead-Miami Speedway. Homestead, FL. Season Opener! May 5-7.

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Sponsors: Orlando Yamaha Kawasaki Monkey Works Performance Jupiter Cycle Performance, Cycle Gear Dunlop Envy Racing Apparel @racinjason109 5. Robby Kennedy (675) Boca Raton, FL Team: BPM Motorsports. Triumph Daytona 675R Kawasaki Ninja 400 Aprilia RS 660 Tire: Dunlop. Sponsors: Woodcraft Armour Bodies. 6. Vaughn Ali (142)

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114 ODVELT Clerge. 115 SANON Wilson. 116 STACO Fedler. 117 MAZAMA Dieu L'homme. 118 GEORGES Joan Lou. team statistics in race. 6m Indicates the time the rider was added to the startlist. (e.g. 6m = 6 minutes ago, 11h = 11 hours ago) Competing teams and riders for Pan American Championships - Road Race 2023.

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Pan-Am Route 2023 Day 1 - Oct. 13 Veracruz to Oaxaca Day 2 - Oct. 14 Oaxaca to Mexico City Day 3 - Oct. 15 Mexico City to Queretaro Day 4 - Oct. 16 Queretaro to Aguascalientes Day 5 - Oct. 17 Aguascalientes to San Luis Potosi Day 6 - Oct. 18 San Luis Potosi Day 7 - Oct. 19 San Luis Potosi to Monterrey (Nuevo Leon)

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In 1988, a group of Mexican and American racing-enthusiasts revived the Pan Am as a pro-rally or 'stage-rally', with a route similar to the first course - allowing amateur and pro drivers to experience the thrills and challenges of the original race, if in a slightly less bloodthirsty manner. Almost any car with a classic shell was.

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