Wide Body Kit Liberty Walk Ferrari F430 LBWorks V.2 allDesign

Liberty Walk LBWORKS Ver.2 Rear Wing for Ferrari F430 Bulletproof Automotive

3D model description. Ferrari F430 Liberty Walk wide body kit. 1/24 scale all printable, for scale model collections and Hotwheels tuners. Contains 16 parts + 5 joined versions of front bumper and rear splitter (front wing, rear wing, front fenders and rear fenders, sideskirts, bumper, splitter). Kit includes as separate STL parts, as also all.

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Wide Body Kit Liberty Walk Ferrari F430 LBWorks V.2 allDesign

The Liberty Walk Ferrari F430 is now bagged, audio upgrades are all in but does it sound any good? On this episode Parm takes us through what has been taken.

Liberty Walk Ferrari F430 Screams for Attention, Kit Costs 20,000 autoevolution

1. Liberty Walk. LB Works Complete Wide Body Lip Kit. Ferrari F430 Coupe / Spider (non Scuderia) -. $14,500.00. 2. Liberty Walk. LB Side Under Diffusers.

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Liberty Walk is one such tuning company and has previously turned its hand to the Ferrari 488 and even the iconic 308 GTB. Love it or hate it, you can't deny the Japanese firm's designs are.

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£21,099.60 GBP Tax included. Price is for full kit components, excludes shipping and fitting. Enter the exclusive world of Liberty Walk with the LB Works Body Kit. LB Works 'Works Fenders' refer to a traditional aggressive full wide-body Liberty Walk kit.

Ferrari F430 Liberty Walk

Transform your Ferrari F430 with the Liberty Walk LB-WORKS Widebody Kit, a premium upgrade that offers a striking appearance and enhanced performance.

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FERRARI LB★Works Ferrari F430 Side Diffusers (0 reviews) $ 2,916.00 - $ 3,672.00 Select options FERRARI LB★Works Ferrari F430 Rear Diffuser (0 reviews) $ 3,564.00 Add to cart Ferrari F430 by Liberty Walk, including the LB-Works line of Ferrari F430 aero products. Fenders NOT sold separately.

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We recently were given the opportunity of shooting a video of this wild Ferrari f430 fitted with a Liberty walk LB Performance widebody kit, Frequency Intell.

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LB WORKS F430 Ver.2 Complete Body Kit (CFRP) (LB19-05) LB WORKS F430 Ver.2 Complete Body Kit (CFRP) (LB19-05) Regular price £21,099.60 GBP

Ferrari F430 Liberty Walk propone un body kit estremo per la sportiva ClubAlfa.it

Liberty Walk was established by Wataru Kato when he was 26 years old. The business was first operated in a small vehicle lot where they could only exhibit 3 cars.. Liberty Walk Limited Edition Ferrari F430 Print 1/20 Liberty Walk Limited Edition Ferrari F430 Print 1/20 Regular price £40.00 GBP Regular price Sale price £40.00 GBP Unit price.


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Liberty Walk has prepared a new body kit for the Ferrari F430 Vehiclejar Blog

Order the Liberty Walk WORKS Version 2 Wide Body Kit for your Ferrari F430. The LB★Works Ferrari F430 Body Kit Ver. 2 (2004-2009) is ready for production, imports direct from Japan. Order the Liberty Walk LB★Works Ferrari F430 Body Kit Ver. 2 from LibertyWalk.shop now.

Ferrari F430 Liberty Walk

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by Kate Bain Last updated on Jan 2, 2023 at 11:49AM (UTC+4) Edited by Kate Bain Ferrari purists, this is your warning to look away now because a Japanese tuner has taken its tools to the Ferrari F430. Ferrari isn't a fan of tuners tampering with its cars, in fact, the marque has a list of rules that owners must adhere to. READ MORE!