The Complete History of the Toyota Corolla Garage Dreams

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HISTORY For 50 years, the Corolla has made significant records of various kinds, such as the "World's Best-Selling Car". Here, you can find out major milestones and achievements of the Corolla. Number of Global Cumulative Sales 44.1 million

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10 Comments Looking over the Toyota Corolla history, it isn't hard to see why it has become the world's best-selling vehicle nameplate. Produced since 1966 and across 12 generations, more than 50 million Corolla models have been sold throughout the world as of the summer of 2021. An incredible milestone for our humble hatchback, you'll agree.

The Complete History of the Toyota Corolla Garage Dreams

Oct 9, 2018 at 4:38pm ET By: Anthony Alaniz Small, affordable, and reliable are three ingredients that have made the Toyota Corolla a go-to car for millions. Since its introduction in 1966,.

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The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling nameplate, globally, in the history of the automobile, having moved well over 40 million cars into the hands of owners.. This is, in part, because Corolla is.

The Complete History of the Toyota Corolla Garage Dreams

Toyota becomes the first import automaker to sell more than one million vehicles in the U.S., in a single year. Toyota debuts its first car assembled on American soil—a white Corolla FX16 assembled at the NUMMI New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. plant.

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The Toyota Corolla was first produced in 1966 for the Japanese market. It was intended to help citizens reach their goal of car ownership and designed as an affordable vehicle that buyers could be proud of. To that end, the first-edition Corolla included a revolutionary engine, a floor-mounted gear lever, separate bucket-type front seats.

The Complete History of the Toyota Corolla Garage Dreams

First Generation Toyota Corolla: 1966-1970 The introduction of the Corolla in 1966 marked many firsts for Toyota. In addition to becoming Toyota's best-selling model by 1974, the Corolla ushered in a new era of design and engineering.

The Complete History of the Toyota Corolla Garage Dreams

Toyota Vios (Philippines, Vietnam) The Corolla E110 was the eighth generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate. Introduced in May 1995, the eighth generation shared its platform (and doors, on some models) with its predecessor. Due to a recession at the time, Toyota ordered Corolla development chief Takayasu Honda to cut costs.

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First production year: 2007 Engines: Gasoline, Diesel Body style: Hatchback TOYOTA Corolla US 2016 - 2018 The Corolla was one of the best selling vehicles in the world since the nameplate's.

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Nov. 01, 2016 1966: The era of the first-generation Corolla In the 1960s, Japan had been undergoing rapid changes in its economy and society. The Corolla was a response to these changes, paving the way for an increasingly motorized Japanese society.

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From the historic, pushrod-powered relic you've never seen, to the rear-wheel-drive AE86 that you want, to the grandmother-friendly sedan that it's become, the Corolla has had an amazing life..

Area 2207 Toyota Corolla History

Toyota Corolla has a fascinating and remarkable history of transformation. It's the highest-selling vehicle of Toyota from the beginning. Let's dig deeper an.

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The Corolla hasn't always been a bestseller, though, and the car cycled through many variants over the years. At different points in its life, the Corolla was offered as a coupe, hatch, and wagon.

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Instead, a new car was designed and was released as the first generation Corolla in 1966. The leader of the development was Tatsuo Hasegawa, who had designed aircraft during WWII, and had been in charge of the design of the earlier Publica and the Toyota Sports 800 after the war. While Mr. Hasegawa was well known as the engineer who introduced.

The Complete History of the Toyota Corolla Garage Dreams

Taking America by Storm The first Corolla rolled onto our shores in 1968. It was a rather unassuming car, at least by American standards. The tiny Corolla rode on a diminutive 90-inch wheelbase and was powered by an 1,100cc engine that sent power to the rear wheels by way of a 4-speed manual transmission.

Area 2207 Toyota Corolla History

The Corolla's semi-fastback styling was eye-catching, and the newly developed water-cooled 4-cylinder engine had a displacement of 1,100 cc, which was 100 cc larger than that of its competitors. Instead of conventional front bench seating and a 3-speed column shifter, the Corolla sported separate front seats and a 4-speed floor shifter.