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Join us for an in-depth look at heel toe shifting, from beginner to advanced. Rev matching is a critical skill to have for performance driving, and heel toe.

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The Heel Toe Shifter is an item commonly found on Cruiser Class Motorcycles, equipped with Floor Boards. This additional shifting arm has been found on Harle.

33600076HarleyDavidson® Airflow Heel/Toe Shift LeverManchester

Mastering the heel-toe shift is essential for smooth and fast downshif. Learn how to rev match using the heel and toe technique in this step-by-step tutorial. Mastering the heel-toe shift is.

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2: While braking, depress the clutch fully and rotate your heel out to cover the throttle. 3: Use your heel to increase engine speed so that it matches the road speed. Maintain braking control with the ball of your foot. 4: Shift to lower gear and come off the throttle with your heel. 5: Release the clutch and the brake, and accelerate through.

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Heel-and-toe (H/T) manipulation of the throttle and brake with the driver's right foot is a throwback to ancient motoring days before synchromesh became standard in manual-shift transmissions.

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Heel Toe Shift...a different approach Harley Davidson Forums

Heel toe shifting is an advanced driving technique that is used by racing drivers the world over. It is the art of how to downshift smoothly, whilst keeping the car balanced through the gear changing process. Some of the greatest racing drivers across varying racing disciplines use this technique and the double-declutching method to great success.


Before heel-toe shifting became cool, it was a necessary driving technique to make old cars with less refined transmissions run smoother. Pre-WW2 cars had accelerator pedals in the middle between the clutch to the left and the brake to the right.

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33600076HarleyDavidson® Airflow Heel/Toe Shift LeverManchester

The heel and toe shifting aims to fix this by balancing the engine and road speed to ensure smooth acceleration in corners. It achieves that by maintaining engine speed while braking, so you can downshift without losing a grip. In fact, the heel and toe driving technique reduces stress on the driveline, prevents forward weight transfer, lowers.

Anyone have tips on heel toe downshifting? I just can't seem to do it

A "must know" driving skill you should master before you hit the race track at top speeds - Heel Toe shifting. Making your shifting & gear transitions smoot.

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Generally, I do a toe-and-right-side-of-foot technique. I keep it simple; ball of my foot on the brake pedal, and use the right edge of my foot to blip the throttle pedal. The tight spacing of a.

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Jean S. Vargas. Lawrenceville, Georgia. Drivers use the "heel and toe" method to smoothly combine braking and downshifting as they approach a corner. Good drivers know that blipping the throttle.

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Step 1. Heel and toe is mostly used to change down in anticipation of a corner. Diagram 1 (below) shows a driver accelerating in third gear, approaching the top of the power band with the road speed increasing. Diagram 1: Accelerating in third gear. As you approach the braking point of a corner, cover the brake pedal with the ball of your right.

Heel Toe Shift...a different approach Harley Davidson Forums

Heel-and-toe shifting is a technique used on cars with manual transmissions to help smooth out downshifts. It involves using the left foot for the clutch, with the right foot activating both the.

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The heel-and-toe downshift is a rather complex action involving both of the driver's feet, the driver's right hand, all three vehicle pedals and the gear shift lever. The purpose of the heel-and.