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via Rimac The metric system may be the primary unit of measurement in most places around the world, but the 1/4-mile is known far and wide as the true test of a car's power. It may be the only imperial measurement that is known to the rest of the metric world, but it is the only imperial measurement you need to know when it comes to cars.

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1/4 mile Fastest cars in quarter mile Top 37 cars in 1/4 mile drag race. Updated September 2023. The 1/4 mile time is global benchmark for distance-based acceleration.

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The fully electric Rimac Nevera takes the top spot as the fastest production car with the quickest quarter-mile acceleration time. In May 2023, Rimac claimed the Nevera completed the sprint in only 8.25 seconds (it previously held the record at 8.6 seconds).

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Oct. 18, 2022, at 11:52 a.m. Ford Maverick Fastest 1/4 Mile Record. Buschur LLC. A supercharged compact Ford Maverick set a new quarter-mile speed record at 13.565 seconds in a drag race. The speedy little truck that broke that record belongs to David Buschur, owner of Buschur Racing in Wakeman, Ohio, a shop that specializes in performance auto.

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The all-electric Rimac Nevara takes the top spot as the fastest car with the quickest 1/4-mile acceleration time, as it completes the sprint in only 8.6 seconds. With their eco-friendly zero-emissions powertrains, EVs are the future of the automotive industry. Additionally, electric cars boast impressive performance capabilities, and this is on.

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The Rimac Nevera captured a 1/4 Mile world record of 8.52 seconds at 167.51 mph. The hypercar is officially the fastest accelerating production vehicle.

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Combined with a heart-stopping performance, and a rich and high-tech interior, the Model S is a package you can't miss. The insane performance and athletic driving make the Model S Plaid one of the fastest quarter-mile cars to buy in 2023. 2. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: 1/4-mile time - 9.1 seconds. Bugatti.

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The following list covers the top three fastest cars by 1/4 mile or 400-meter times (11 seconds or less), according to Wikipedia, as well as the new Model S Plaid's record: 2021 Tesla Model S.

The 5 Fastest Cars You Can Buy USA TODAY Classifieds

Quarter Mile 1/4 Car list - List of Road Legal Performance and Classic Production Cars Ordered by Quarter Mile 1/4 Time. Trap speed, Figures, Specs, Information and more.. 0-100mph Times Car List; 1/4 Mile Car List; Top 10 Fastest Production Cars 0-60mph List; Top 10 Fastest Production Cars 0-100kph List;

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These features helped the Ram SRT-10 gain the Guinness World Record for the fastest production pickup truck in the world with a top speed of 154.587 mph. According to FastestLaps, the Ram SRT-10 does 0-60 in under 5 seconds and will go on to cover the quarter-mile in 13.6 seconds. Performance. 0-60 MPH. 4.9 seconds. Top Speed. 155 mph. Horsepower.

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The traditional 1/4 mile drag time is for many the most effective way to measure the performance of a vehicle.. Fastest Accelerating Cars. Check out which cars are the quickest to accelerate from 0-60 mph. Highest Top Speeds. More speed is the aim of the game, find out who does it best here.

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The 402 meter (sometimes erroneously referred to as "400 meter") sprint is the most popular discipline in professional drag racing and street car testing alike. Most dedicated dragstrips in United States were built specifically for the 1/4 racing and 1/4 mile remains as leading distance-based acceleration benchmark in automotive testing.

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13 Lamborghini Huracan STO Quarter-Mile Time: 10.5 Seconds Lamborghini As soon as it hit the market in 2014, the Lamborghini Huracan caused a stir in the supercar segment. Thanks to its exceptional performance, it quickly became Lamborghini's best-selling car ever.

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The McLaren 765LT, equipped with the 755-horsepower 5.0-liter twin-turbo V-8, is the fastest production ICE car, hitting the 1/4 mile at 9.37 seconds. Brittany Force, in her Top Fuel dragster.

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List of fastest production cars by acceleration This list is limited to unmodified production cars which meet the eligibility criteria below. All entries must be able to be verified from reliable sources. Up to one percent decline from start to finish is allowed.

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The 10-speed car rockets through the quarter mile in 12.0 seconds at 118.4 mph while the manual car does the deed in 12.6 seconds at 113.5 mph. 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse w/ Handling package ENGINE