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One of the first things you'll be searching for when swapping an LS is headers and exhaust. Of all the parts needed to swap an LS, it is the headers that present the greatest challenge..

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Holley offers a comprehensive line of LS swap kits for many classic GM and Ford vehicles, including intake, exhaust, and engine cooling systems. German and Japanese car owners might want to.

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LS Swap 101: What To Expect When LS Swapping A Vehicle By Brian Havins January 19, 2022 One of the more popular questions we get asked here at LSX Magazine is "how much does an LS swap cost," followed by "what's involved?" Unfortunately, there's not a good answer to either of these questions.

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The agency estimates that it'll save consumers $3.4 billion — and 72 million hours a year when they're car shopping. The rule also cracks down on hidden junk fees, or charges that are not made.

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Whether you're excited about buying the car of your dreams or just trying to make your budget stretch to get reliable transportation, the car buying process can be stressful. It can also be costlier than expected, because of misleading ads and hidden fees at the dealer. The FTC's new Combating Auto Retail Scams (CARS) Rule aims to change that by stopping bait-and-switch tactics and hidden.

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Due to the compact nature of the GM's LS engine, you can practically LS-swap any vehicle out there. Just to show you how versatile LS swaps are, you can stuff an LS engine under the hood of a Honda S2000. And if you don't like going import, then you can go the route of high-performance luxury sports cars like the Lamborghini Jalpa.

Should You LS Swap Your Muscle Car? Cammed 5.3 Build vs Cammed 350

A legal California engine change can feel impossible, but it's not. Here's a five-step guide to help get you started! Californians may have invented hot rodding but, decades later, strict emissions regulations make car building and performance tuning a legal landmine for residents. (Or anyone who lives in a state that follows these.

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Swap a 4.8, 5.3, or 6.0 Liter LSX engine swapped into any vehicle and running by just following these 5 steps.

Should You LS Swap Your Muscle Car? Cammed 5.3 Build vs Cammed 350

By Viraaj Bhatnagar Published Sep 1, 2023 LS swaps are incredibly fun projects for gearheads, and these are some of the easiest cars to do them with. YouTube Channel Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta When General Motors came out with the LS in 1997, no one could've predicted the popularity this engine would rack up.

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Payments and Billing. The Federal Trade Commission has finalized a new rule to fight two common types of illegal tactics consumers face when buying a car: bait-and-switch tactics and hidden junk fees. The new rule is expected to save consumers nationwide more than $3.4 billion and an estimated 72 million hours each year shopping for vehicles.

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While the new CARS Rule has now been confirmed, it won't go into effect until late next summer: July 30, 2024. When the rule finally arrives, the FTC said it should save car shoppers in the U.S.

10 Parts You’ll Need for Any LS Engine Swap

What do you need for an LS swap? 2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of GM's Gen III small block, known to most of us as the "LS" engine, landing under the hood of the '97 Corvette. Hot rodders picked up on them almost immediately as a cheap, plentiful source for bulletproof horsepower.


An LS swap is when you replace a car or truck's factory installed engine with an LS engine. There are many reasons to do this, mostly related to increasing reliability, longevity, compactness, lightweight, and ultimately, performance. It's often said that you can put an LS-engine into anything.

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Internet high five! Easy vs. Hard LS Swaps The first step to any swap project is the vehicle itself. Lampe describes the LS swap process as "just nuts and bolts. We've done so many that we've got it down to what works with what and what we can use as far as accessory drives and pans."

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The fastest way to know which reluctor wheel your crank has is to check the crank sensor. If it's black, then it's the older 24x style; if grey, it's the newer 58x type. It really is that easy..

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