This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 Had It Rough, But Just Went for 140K autoevolution

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It's the sixth 1966 GT350 built and one of those "carryover" cars, which means it has desirable features from the '65 model like lowered front control arms, rear over-rider traction bars, '65 interior appointments, and a gloss-black engine block ('66 blocks were painted blue).


ALFRED FISHER From the May 1966 issue of Car and Driver. Cigarette butts in the ashtray of a rented car? Not when we rented a Shelby Mustang GT 350H from Hertz. No—sir we found cigarette butts in.

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1966 Shelby GT350/GT350H A LeMans winner both as a driver and a team principal, Carroll Shelby transformed the Mustang into a competitive racer. The Shelby GT Mustangs are now revered by enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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These colors included Candy Apple Red, Sapphire Blue, Dark Ivy Green Metallic, and Raven Black. All new paint schemes now featured white rocker panel striping, as opposed to the Guardsman Blue striping that was in place on all Wimbledon White models.

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An "R" variant—the rarest and most potent GT350—produced 350 horsepower, weighed 75 fewer pounds, and featured an enlarged fuel tank (34 gallon vs. 18) for racing. With special heads, a super-duty suspension, racing tires and more, it was offered in 1965 only. For 1966, GT350s came in a broader exterior palette, with blue, red, green and.

This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350 Had It Rough, But Just Went for 140K autoevolution

However, four legit G.T. 350 convertibles were made for 1966 per the 2011 Shelby Registry from the Shelby American Automobile Club. Whether you call them test cars, prototypes, or styling.

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This '66 GT350 convertible spent eight months as a test guinea pig before it was plucked by Shelby's Hi-Performance Motors in El Segundo, California, with an invoice price of $2,870.61 that was reduced to $2,250 per agreement with Shelby American. This car made its way to Hayward Ford in Hayward, CA, on February 14th, 1967 where it was utilized.

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#1 · Oct 4, 2023 (Edited) After 20+ years of my fastback sitting as a garage queen i've decided to finally follow through with the Shelby conversion. I've wanted to do it since I was 20 years old but my passion of fishing got in the way.

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In a chance partnership, Shelby American and the Hertz Corporation devised a plan to provide motorists with the ability to hop into the driver seat of a special edition 1966 Shebly GT350, known formally as the Shelby Mustang GT350-H. Rent-A-Racer

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Let's face it: No matter where you live or who you are, there's a good chance the 1965-66 Shelby GT350 is the brightest star in a milky way of Ford Mustang performance. It's an icon, and it's the first of a series of Mustangs tuned by Carroll Shelby with performance that received critical acclaim and endless enthusiasm from enthusiasts.

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The 1966 Shelby GT350 convertible. (Photo courtesy of The Coolector.) The working relationship between Carroll Shelby and the Ford Motor Company is the stuff of automotive lore and had its origins in rectifying an unkept promise by legendary Ford executive, Lee Iacocca.

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